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This category contains gluten free recipes that are refined sugar free and call for nutrient dense ingredients to support your clean eating goals. These recipes avoid the use of overly processed foods, opting for simple, nutritious, and wholesome ingredients with a focus on vegan, paleo, and dairy free recipes that also happen to be gluten free and refined sugar free.

In this category you’ll find plenty of muffins, cakes, and breads such as this paleo sweet potato bread which is perfect as a snack, dessert, or for breakfast. One of the most popular posts in this category is this vegan gluten free chocolate cake which is made with oat flour, date paste, and flax eggs. It tastes as rich and decadent as any sugary bakery style cake I’ve ever tasted, yet it’s sweetened only with dates and doesn’t call for any white sugar at all.

In addition to plenty of sweet recipes, you’ll find lots of savory gluten free recipes for dinner, lunch, breakfast, and snack time in this category such as this recipe for vegan butternut squash risotto. You’ll also find plenty of festive comfort food dishes that work well for holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas like this delicious vegan sweet potato casserole. Both the butternut squash risotto and the sweet potato casserole are savory dinner or lunch options made that are made entirely from plant based ingredients, so they’re ideal if you, your family, or your guests follow a vegan, vegetarian or dairy free diet.

In this category you’ll also find plenty of recipes for sauces, jams, and refined sugar free sweeteners such as this date paste recipe which can be used to sweeten baked goods and other treats without the use of white sugar. So peruse the category and be sure to subscribe to receive recipe updates delivered via email!

Chocolate Caramel Cake

Chocolate caramel cake is the perfect healthy dessert for those extra special occasions. This gluten free cake isn’t particularly low calorie, as it does contains rich ingredients like butter and cream cheese, but since it’s refined sugar free and doesn’t contain white flour it’s a pretty healthy dessert option. It also contains nutritious ingredients such as beets, dates, and oats.