Chocolate Dipped Fruit (Easy and Delicious Recipes)

These chocolate dipped fruit recipes are easy to make and delicious. They’re perfect for entertaining and make lovely additions to a dessert table. Whether you’re craving a citrusy treat or some sweet, juicy berries, this list of chocolate covered fruit recipes has got you covered. I’m partial to dipping fruit in dark chocolate, but you can use any type of chocolate you prefer in these recipes:

1. Chocolate Dipped Oranges

Chocolate dipped clementine oranges on a white plate.
Chocolate Dipped Oranges

These delicious dark chocolate dipped oranges are easy to make. Fresh orange zest gives these simple treats a citrusy flavor boost. Chocolate Dipped Oranges Recipe

2. Chocolate Covered Pineapple

Four chocolate covered pineapple rings on a white plate.
Chocolate Covered Pineapple

Chocolate covered pineapple rings are easy to make yet impressive looking. These treats are perfect for entertaining and are a delicious, lighter dessert. Chocolate Covered Pineapple Recipe

3. Chocolate Covered Grapes

Chocolate covered grapes sprinkled with chopped pecans on a white plate.
Chocolate Covered Grapes

These chocolate covered grapes are a simple, budget-friendly treat. They’re topped with finely chopped pecans which complement the flavor of the grapes nicely. Chocolate Covered Grapes Recipe

4. Chocolate Covered Figs

Chocolate covered figs sprinkled with chopped pecans on a white plate.
Chocolate Covered Figs

These chocolate covered figs have a satisfying, chewy texture and a delightfully unique flavor. They’re a great option if you have dried figs in the pantry and aren’t sure what to do with them. Chocolate Covered Figs Recipe

5. Chocolate Covered Pears

Three chocolate covered pears crusted with chopped pistachios.
Chocolate Covered Pears

These chocolate covered pears are so pretty looking and delicious. Chopped pistachios and dark chocolate complement the flavor of fresh pears perfectly. Chocolate Covered Pears Recipe

6. Chocolate Covered Apricots

Chocolate covered apricots on a white plate.
Chocolate Covered Apricots

These chocolate covered dried apricots are a lovely addition to a dessert table. You can make a pretty assortment with different toppings to choose from, or keep it simple with just a sprinkle of sea salt as a topping. Chocolate Covered Apricots Recipe

7. Chocolate Blackberries

Chocolate blackberries on a white plate.
Chocolate Blackberries Recipe

These chocolate covered blackberries are juicy and delicious. You can apply the same concept outlined in this recipe but substitute raspberries or blueberries if you prefer. Chocolate Blackberries Recipe

8. Chocolate Covered Dates

Six chocolate covered dates on a white plate.
Chocolate Covered Dates

These chocolate covered dates are sweet and satisfying. I like to top them with fresh orange zest or finely chopped pecans. Chocolate Covered Dates Recipe

9. Chocolate Covered Dried Cherries

Chocolate covered dried cherries on a white plate.
Chocolate Covered Dried Cherries

These chocolate covered dried cherries are sweet and delicious with a satisfying, chewy texture. These treats are a must try if you love the flavor combination of cherries and chocolate. Chocolate Covered Dried Cherries Recipe

10. Banana Peanut Butter Chocolate Bites

Banana peanut butter bites on a white plate.
Banana Peanut Butter Chocolate Bites

These banana peanut butter bites are dipped in a combination of melted dark chocolate and peanut butter. They’re delicious and so easy to prepare. Banana Peanut Butter Chocolate Bites Recipe

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