Vegan Summer Desserts (Easy Recipes!)

These vegan summer desserts are easy to make and delicious. They’re perfect when you’re in the mood for a plant-based treat during the warmer months.

Vegan Summertime Desserts

Whether you’re in the mood for a fruity frozen treat or a chocolate confection made with seasonal berries, this list of vegan desserts for summer has got you covered:

1. Raspberry Chocolates

Chocolate raspberry treats on a white plate.

These vegan raspberry chocolates are so easy to make. The combination of dark chocolate and fresh raspberries is irresistible. Raspberry Chocolates Recipe

2. Banana Chocolate Popsicles

Three banana chocolate popsicles on a plate.

These banana chocolate popsicles are the perfect way to use up ripe bananas during the summertime. They’re refreshing and delicious. Banana Chocolate Popsicles Recipe

3. Vegan Blueberry Cookies

Five vegan blueberry cookies on a plate with blueberries scattered around.

These soft and chewy vegan cookies are bursting with blueberry flavor. They’re a tasty way to use fresh blueberries during the summer. Vegan Blueberry Cookies Recipe

4. Caramelized Peaches

Caramelized peaches on a white plate.

Nothing says summer like ripe, juicy peaches. These mouthwatering caramelized peaches are delicious served on their own and even better with a scoop of plant-based vanilla ice cream. Caramelized Peaches Recipe

5. Lemon Popsicles

Three lemon popsicles on a white plate.

These lemon popsicles are sweet, tart, and refreshing. They’re easy to make and perfect during the summer. Lemon Popsicles Recipe

6. No-Churn Banana Ice Cream

No churn banana ice cream with walnuts sprinkled on top.

No ice cream maker is required to make this yummy no-churn banana ice cream. It tastes just like banana bread in ice cream form. No-Churn Banana Ice Cream

7. Freezer Fudge

Freezer fudge squares on a white plate.

This peanut butter chocolate freezer fudge is decadent yet nutrient dense. This plant-based fudge is easy to make. Freezer Fudge Recipe

8. Chocolate Blackberries

Chocolate blackberries on a white plate.

These chocolate covered blackberries are a yummy vegan summer dessert. The combination of dark chocolate and fresh, juicy blackberries is unexpectedly delicious. Chocolate Blackberries Recipe

9. Raspberry Chocolate Mousse

Raspberry chocolate mousse in a glass dish with an antique silver spoon.

This decadent chocolate mousse combines dark chocolate and fresh raspberries. It’s a delicious plant-based summer dessert. Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Wrapping Up: Vegan Desserts for Summer

Whether you’re craving a fruity dessert or a refreshing frozen treat, try some of these yummy vegan summer desserts and let me know what you think of them in the comments!

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